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Measures to be take care while maintaing the STP while viruses like COVID is there:

Measures to be take care while maintaing the STP while viruses like COVID is there:

No one think about what happens to the wastewater once it flushes away or goes down the drain; why would you?

But if your septic system is not properly maintained and managed, then problems may arise (such as foul smells) for you that will force you to be aware of your wastewater habits. In this pandemic we are advised to maintain cleanliness around us so in maintaining STP we should make sure if tanks like Aeration and Filter tanks needs to be clear or not? If it is necessary clean the tanks as soon as possible.

You may thinks why there is load on STP it is because Currently, more time is being spent at home. In fact, all/most of your time is being spent at home, and your tank has all this extra work to handle that it’s not used to. Before finding ourselves in this home quarantine, septic tanks got a break when parents were at work or kids at school. Now, everyone is home all the time, cleaning the house more, doing more laundry and washing more dishes from the many more meals had at home. We are also cleaning with harsh antibacterial chemicals because of the extra caution being taken with hygiene due to the nature of the coronavirus pandemic.

With very few small steps by ourself we can reduce some pressure on the tanks like:

  1. Reducing the use of harsh chemicals.
  2. By not flushing:

Wipes (even flushable ones)

Feminine hygiene products

Paper towels (kitchen roll)







•By Avoiding the garbage disposal If you have a garbage disposal, try and avoid using it especially now. Certain foods should never enter your septic system because they have bacteria that will not cooperate with the good bacteria in your tank and could cause bad smells and blockages.

Be Clean and Save water.